August, 2014


Katie Ide

Tessitura Magic…Stepping Outside the Box for Creative Solutions

The 2014 Tessitura Learning & Community Conference is here and KlearSky is proud to be the TLCC Sponsor of Tessitura Mini-Magic!

Having worked with the Tessitura CRM for over ten years, we have seen countless examples of the everyday “magic” that a robust system like Tessitura offers. As our clients have gotten more savvy, so have their ideas about how to use Tessitura in new and interesting ways…implementing their own brand of Tessitura Mini-Magic.

Some of the customized “magic” we have created with our clients has even been featured as part of the Tessitura Innovator’s series – like the customized widget that tells the Lyric Opera development staff when a prospect has an interaction with the organization.

Sometimes “Tessitura Magic” is created on a large scale, like the integrated telemarketing portal (D2T) KlearSky created for DCM, so their clients could enter orders in real-time with minimal training and a simplified system interface.

Sometimes, even small version of “Magic” can make a big difference. KlearSky works with numerous organizations on an everyday basis, helping them to use and innovate with Tessitura. This can be anything from a new dashboard to an integrated Tessitura website.

The most important thing to remember about creating your own “Tessitura Magic” is that the sky is the limit and you should always continue to imagine and innovate. Contact KlearSky today to learn more about our database services and custom technology solutions.

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