For nearly a decade, KlearSky has been a Tessitura technology partner for the Goodman Theatre. We have taken on numerous projects and have completed each one successfully.

KlearSky’s team currently serves as Goodman Theatre’s primary Tessitura support vendor, a fully integrated software system for arts & cultural organizations that provides sales and marketing analysis, fundraising support and more. This includes Tessitura database support and SQL customization services such as custom constituent screens to store fundraising metrics, and  custom revenue management reporting.

"The expertise and guidance we receive from our partners at KlearSky is invaluable. They are a terrific resource, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for dependable, solution-oriented technology consulting."

John Collins, Associate General Manager, Goodman Theatre

Established in 1925, Goodman Theatre has been a part of life in Chicago for over 80 years. Goodman Theatre has won international renown for the quality of productions, the depth and diversity of artistic leadership, and the excellence of its many community and educational programs.

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