From database conversion to Salesforce customization, KlearSky collaborated with this non-profit organization to create a fully integrated CRM solution.

When Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) approached KlearSky about  improving its use of the Salesforce NPSP platform, we knew that with our non-profit background and CRM expertise, KlearSky would be able to help provide the well-balanced patron relationship management solution that HSC was looking to implement.


Starting with a complete review of the existing procedures and functionality of the existing Salesforce platform, KlearSky identified best practices and efficient processing methods for the HSC staff.   Areas included were account management, contributions and solicitations, events and email marketing tools.  After careful analysis and review, Click and Pledge was determined to be the third-party software tool for events and contributions and MailChimp was selected as the integrated, online email marketing tool.


Once Salesforce had been customized, configured and integrated with the previously identified third party software tools for events, contributions and emails,  a database conversion from Databank to Salesforce was then performed by the KlearSky team and key members of HSC.  After successful completion of these tasks, KlearSky trained the HSC staff on the administration and usage of the Salesforce platform  and is continually engaged  to help further define businesses and provide guidance and best practices.


Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Chicago, Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that helps facilitate collaboration between parents, teachers, administrators and policy makers.

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